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World Premier

Director's Note

Filmmakers Brian Risselada and Holly L. De Ruyter interviewed by director of programming Jim Healy

Filmmakers Brian Risselada and Holly L. De Ruyter interviewed by director of programming Jim Healy

Supper Club Lovers,

Right now we are in Madison getting ready for Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club to have its world premiere tomorrow at the Wisconsin Film Festival. Last night we were honored and thrilled to show the film at a private event to around 250 people for the Wisconsin Alumni Association. This was the first time the film has been seen on a big screen to a large audience and we were thrilled to hear all of the clapping, cheering, and laughing throughout the film. We also participated in a Q&A after the film as seen in the photo to the left.

It's been a long journey since starting this project in 2009, but clearly it's been worth the wait.

Holly L. De Ruyter 

Wisconsin Film Festival Screenings

We knew there would be an interest in a documentary about supper clubs, but our socks were knocked off when we discovered that the advance tickets for the two screenings of Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club sold out within hours of going on sale! We did not even have a chance to send out newsletter out letting people know tickets were on sale. The demand was so remarkable that a third screening was added! That screening also sold out of advanced tickets. While tickets can no longer be purchased ahead of time for any of the screenings, there will be some rush tickets available for people on the days of the showings. Information about times and locations of the screenings can be found here. The film screening is listed as "Dinner, Drinks, Entertainment" where it will be shown with two other short films about Wisconsin culture - "Little America" and "Tale of the Spotted Cow".

Director Holly L. De Ruyter and Associate Producer Brian Risselada will also be appearing at a free Wisconsin Filmmakers Panel Discussion on Saturday, April 11 at 10:00 am at Sundance Cinemas Madison. The address is 430 N Midvale Blvd (In the Hilldale Mall), Madison, Wisconsin 53705.

If you see us at the film festival, please make sure you come talk to us!

The Future

Now that you know the film is finished, we are sure you are excited to see it as soon as possible. We are just as excited for you to see it as well! However if you are unable to see it at the Wisconsin Film Festival a bit more patience may be required. We are submitting the film for consideration to be shown at other film festivals this fall. Most festivals will not consider showing a film if it is already available for purchase. Keep an eye out for future newsletters for information about when and where the film will be available.

Also, please consider checking out our Facebook page for regular news, articles, and updates about Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club. Make sure when you "like" the page you also select from the dropdown menu to "get notifications" so that you don't miss any of our posts. We already have several posts linking to articles featuring our film. We will also try to post photos and other general supper club related material to keep you informed.

New Year Update

A Note From The Director


Hello fellow supper club lovers!

It’s been a long time. Too long. This past year was an eventful and exciting year for me. I had plans to finish my film and get married. Two major life events in one year, and I thought I could do it all. Then I realized that if I wanted to make a quality documentary, plan the wedding of our dreams, and not lose my marbles, something had to put hold. So this past year I had the hard decision to put my documentary on the back burner while I focused on planning our wedding. The good news is that we got married on a beautiful Wisconsin fall day and had our wedding reception at a charming Wisconsin supper club. Success! Now that the wedding and honeymoon are complete I’m taking my documentary off the back burner and moving full speed ahead with completing it in 2013. The documentary is currently in post production, which means editing, the sound mix and color correction, among other things, are being done at this stage. I’m excited to share the story of the Wisconsin supper club and the individual stories of their owners and keepers with you and the world this year.


Holly L. De Ruyter


A Supper Club Wedding

There was no question when planning our wedding where we wanted to have our reception at. A Wisconsin supper club of course! We choose to have our reception at The Lake House Inn in Edgerton, WI. There is much to love about this supper club. It is out in the country, the kind of supper club tucked away in the back roads of Wisconsin visited mostly by locals or people who have stumbled upon it while out on a Sunday drive. The interior’s rustic feel fit our personalities and interests. The owner Robert Walter and his family were a joy to work with. They are down to earth and friendly people. We could have not asked for better people to plan a wedding with! The wedding went off without a hitch, and our guest had a great time. People raved about the broasted chicken, prime rib, and the great service. Many of our guests were upset that they don’t live in the area and thus are not able to visit The Lake House Inn on a regular bases. We do know that The Lake House Inn does have two new “regulars” who will be driving up from Chicago anytime they can for some delicious supper club fair and to reminisce about their special day. You can “like” The Lake House Inn on Facebook or look over their menu here and learn the history of the building here.

Staying In Touch

Don't forget to also follow us on Facebook and visit our website for the latest happenings with our documentary. You can expect to hear more from us this year as we are working on the documentary and have updates to tell you about.

Supper Club Night at Kenmore Studios

Come join us as we celebrate the Wisconsin supper club! The director of "Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club" will be in person at the Kenmore Live Studio to talk about her documentary and to share some photos and footage from her film. James from Th...e HobNob supper club in Kenosha, WI will be there to demonstrate how to cook some classic supper club fare. If you're in Chicago you can be in the audience at the LIVE taping and get samples of what James whips up. Best thing is the event is FREE! Not in Chicago? No problem the event will stream live and later will be posted for people to watch on YouTube

If you wish to be in the audience please show up between 6-6:30pm. The show starts at 7pm and will last 30-40 mins minutes. If you plan on coming to the live event in Chicago please indicate so in the Facebook wall of this event here:

If you want to watch the show remotely you can watch it at 7pm CST at:

We will post the link for the video when it's up on YouTube after the event on our Facebook page. You can visit our Facebook page at:

Check out Kenmore Studio's Yelp reviews and discover how fun it is to be in the audience:

We're happy to be bringing a sample of the Wisconsin supper club to Chicago for one night and hope you can join us!

Kickstarter Launched

We have now launched our Kickstarter!


If you aren't familiar, Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, art, film, technology, design, food, and other creative fields. Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires.

Our goal is $5,000 in pledges by January 1, 2012.

If we don't meet our goal, we don't get anything.  Donors make pledges but don't actually pay until the goal is reached and the funding deadline has passed.  We must reach our goal, so please consider pledging and spread the word.  Everything helps!

Fall is for Editing

Boy summer flew by!  We have been busy working on editing ”Old Fashioned” and making some sweet motion graphics to bring the WI supper club to life.   Stay tuned as we will be posting our campaign soon to raise funds for the finishing of the film.   

A week of shooting

We are currently in the middle of a week long of shooting around the state of Wisconsin.  We are getting our final interviews, filming some new suppers clubs, and revisiting a few of our favorites.  After this most of the shooting will be complete and we will beging working on post production and editing.  You can continue to find future updates about the film at this website or by following us on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much to our many friends for your support.  If you would like to give a donation to our cause, please click the "donations" link found on the left side of this page.